Prepare Your Home For Summer

Dated: 06/04/2018

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Don't forget about home maintenance during busy summer months. Stay on track with our project checklist.

  • Clean outdoor patio furniture and grilling equipment

  • Inspect all outdoor recreational equipment and review safety tips

  • Check the driveway for cracks

  • Control weeds in outdoor spaces

  • Replace air filter

  • Check for any water leaks

  • Inspect appliance hoses and ventilation

  • Drain water heater and remove sediment from tank

  • Test circuit breakers

Managing your mortgage also requires attention. The market changes daily, so I track the details of your loan to guarantee you have the best product for your individual needs.

Please contact me at 908-705-5022 or susana@susanahomes,com if you have any questions about the Market Value of your home.

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