Scott Gleason - Testimonials

Scott, We broke the community price record by a healthy margin, and I attribute it to your enthusiastic preparation (even decorating) my unit, followed up by your firm and flexible negotiating with the buyers.

I appreciate that you were always true to my best interests. Bravo

Feijun Wang

With your tutelage we bought well and sold in a snap.

You made the whole “trading up” process a pleasure, and we will always be thankful for that. The friendship you showed us and the dedication you put will never be forgotten. We seize every opportunity to tell our friends about you!

Liz and Dave Doles

Dear Friend, Over the last 5 years I have bought and sold many investment properties with Scott’s help.

I’m a 14 time repeat customer! He helped my buy low, rent profitably and sell high. It helped me retire very young and comfortably in the Caribbean, where I am today. I’ve also done a few transactions without Scott. Working without Scott was tedious and time consuming. Having him on my side 14 times made the whole process a breeze. Scott earns his money the old-fashioned way.

John Sanft

Dear Scott, You continue to impress us with your fun and innovative methods to selling homes.

We didn’t hesitate to hire you to sell our home and we never hesitate to recommend you and your abilities to anyone in “Real Estate Need.” Please know, that of all the efforts to sell our home—and there were many!—you were the one who got the job done! We look forward to future transactions with you.

The Nicodemos

We like Scott as a go-to guy for aggressive marketing, insightful pricing, and that he delivers on his word.

We also refer him to friends, and buyers of our new construction, with total confidence he will get their homes sold.

Bob Foxx, Fox & Foxx Development

Scott, You helped us navigate a choppy market and a very arduous negotiation, all leading to a happy ending for builders and buyers.

Al & Tony

Dear Scott, First, you worked hard and smart to get me into a suitable investment property.

Then, when a selling opportunity came along, you encouraged me to go for a price I never would have imagined possible—and you nailed it on the head! I especially appreciate how you have always put my interests first in our dealings—and we will have many more before the fat lady sings!! Sincerely

Ed Chaparro

Dear Scott, I said to Angela on more than one occasion, hooking up with you was the smartest move we made.

. . You obviously knew the market well. . .you represented us well in the negotiation, and you made what is often a harrowing experience a very comfortable one. We're very happy with the way things turned out and you can certainly count on our recommendation to anyone we know selling or buying in the area.

Tom McCormack

Dear Scott, I can hardly believe that it is already one year from the time you got the contract on our house on Fishel Road.

I must say that Marion and I were most skeptical that you could move a house at a decent price in the depth of winter, but after your hot shot performance on the Calvert property we figured why not. You brought in a contract in less than a month. Amazing feel for the market. The speedy performance was not all of it however. On Calvert the buyers were reasonable but the FHA was not. On Fishel, the buyers were so difficult that on several occasions, I know we told you "that's it,” However, you persevered, and the house was sold. Thanks so much again for making both deals go through.

Omri Behr

Thank you for helping me realize my dream.

When my house didn’t sell for 6 months with the first agent, you came along and said you had an actual strategy—and it worked. My house went on the market on a Monday, and I was signing papers on that Thursday!. You led me every step of the way, and even making sure I had a place to live before I had to move out. I am so very happy-thanks-you are a realtor with a heart!

Joann Cormacci

Dear Scott, We wanted our mom to get the very most possible for her home.

We needed it done in the dead of winter. We wanted the house sold as is, knowing it needed plenty of work. We know you worked around the clock to get it sold, but you made it all look and feel easy! Your “staging” secrets were right on. Your marketing was lightning quick, and you negotiated for us with passion and imagination. Getting a “retail” buyer at a super price was a great service to our mom, and to Oak Hills! Thanks

Jay Keating and Mary Keating Van Doren

Scott, You saw a way to get almost double what the appraiser said my land was worth, and you got it!

Your creative packaging and expert deal making made my sale so much more lucrative—I look forward to calling you soon to give me the same edge when I buy!

Kathy Conway

Dear Scott, We sure do appreciate all the work you did both to sell our first home (in three days!

) and to find us a house we happily call home today. It has been a year-and-a-half since we moved into our new house and we have finally settled in! As you forecasted, we are growing into the house and we are happy we stretched a little to get the bigger floor plan. If you ever have people who want to speak to satisfied customers, have them call us. Thanks,

John Burke

Dear Scott: We could not have been happier with the professionalism, support and friendship we received from you.

We appreciated all of your expertise and advice in preparing our home for sale. We are certain it was due to this that we received EVEN MORE for our house then we expected. We would highly recommend you as a real estate agent to anyone who needed one. Please feel free to give our name out if you need a recommendation because we would happily give you an A+ rating.

Sandy & Jay Frandano

Dear Scott, I know no words to express how grateful I am for the assistance, understanding and compassion you extended to me during the closing and emptying of my house I was in a terrible bind.

. .When I put it on the market I expected I’d have 3 or 4 months before there would be an offer. Actually it took only 2 days. I feel you were a real friend to me. I told Bob that fact. He was also impressed by your dedication. He said he would like to send business to you. In closing, Thank you!

Verna Adler

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